Letter: I was told my evidence was 'unfair' to Trans Mountain. That is what's really unfair


Fair to whom?

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When the National Energy Board resumed its hearings into the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, it suggested that it would only consider “changed circumstances” for rehearing. I asked it to consider also “new relevant information” not previously presented to the NEB. 

My request has been denied for two reasons - one being that all information should have been presented to it previously. The second reason given was that it would be “unfair.” Neither argument makes sense, but I write here about the second one.

Clearly, unfair means unfair to Trans Mountain. What about the Canadian public? Is it not entitled to fair treatment? Shouldn’t the NEB make decisions in the best interest of Canadian people, using all the best information available?

It seems that the NEB is still acting as a captured regulator, serving only the interests of the fossil-fuel industry. 

The NEB has just been replaced by the Canada Energy Regulator. It has a new board, but the same chair and address. It remains to be seen whether or not the CER is also a captured regulator. The industry will certainly try to capture it.

David Huntley, Burnaby

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