Letter: I witnessed some jerk abuse a woman bus driver in Burnaby


I am really upset today. I was on the 130 bus from Metrotown going towards Hastings and a person on the bus was so disrespectful.

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The bus was full and the driver was doing her best. He phoned his friend and called the driver a "c***" woman driver and the bus is "f******" full.”

There are children on the bus. When I get off, I tell him that he should not swear so much because people can hear him.

He said, "it is a public bus and he is a construction worker." I have family in construction and they would never act that way in public or private, they have respect for others. I felt sorry for the abuse the driver went through.

Have things changed so much that it is now acceptable to swear in front of children and abuse drivers? Some people really bring their profession to low levels.

Antonia Mertens, Burnaby

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