Letter: Is article suggesting pitbull was part of criminal's arsenal?


Re: Man caught by Burnaby park with loaded handguns, smoke grenade, sword nets jail, NOW, March 9

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I am writing to question the reasons behind the biased reporting in this article.

My concerns are based on the reporting of the dogs that the man had with him in his car. It is reported that the man had "three dogs, including a pitbull."

Why is the pitbull singled out and the other dogs are not identified? The article is clearly focused on reporting the number of weapons this man had in his possession. Is the reporter suggesting that the pitbull was a part of his arsenal?

As a dog owner, an animal lover and an owner of a pitbull-type dog, I am tired of the fear mongering that exists in the media. Perpetuating the stigma surrounding these dogs is harmful to owners and animals themselves. This negative stereotype is often what puts these animals in dangerous situations to begin with.

I respectfully ask that you amend this article to either name all or none of the dog breeds.

Branden Cameron, Victoria

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