Letter: It's not just cyclists getting sideswiped by psycho drivers


Re: Reckless driver nearly wipes out cyclist in a Burnaby bike lane, NOW blogs, Sept. 18

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It’s not just bicycles that drivers are doing that to – it’s other vehicles. While driving along Kensington near the Fortius and CG Brown pool on Wednesday evening around 11 p.m., a white Infinity drifted into the slow lane three times, almost side-swiping my Passat.

Finally got tired of having to swerve towards the curb and honked, at which point they violently pulled their car towards their own lane - only to have it happen twice more before we got through the light at Canada Way headed east.

Going up the hill towards Imperial, they did it again, so I slowed right down until they had drifted completely into the curb lane, then went around them and up the hill.

At this point, watching in the rear-view mirror, they had slowed down to 30 km/h as they slowly climbed the hill. If I had had a passenger, I would have called the police to report the erratic driving, as it is, but my older vehicle does not have the bluetooth feature and I don't have an earpiece.

It’s scary to be on the roads, not just in Burnaby but all across the Lower Mainland lately. My wife drives back and forth to work in Surrey and has at least one scary story of incidents on the way home from work at 3:30 p.m.

Joe Robinsmith, Burnaby

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