Letter: Law-breaking protesters should pay $1.2M bill - not Burnaby taxpayers


Re: Letter: Send $1.2-million policing bill to Derek Corrigan, NOW online, Jan. 31

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In response to the letter from Mr. Savage regarding sending the $1.2M bill for policing to the former mayor, I would suggest sending that bill to the protesters.

While protesters have the absolute right to protest within the bounds of the law, the necessity for the policing was caused by these particular protesters breaking the law and disregarding court injunctions.

While I applaud the idealistic nature of the protesters, their belief that they are free to protest as they please is wrong. That freedom comes with a price.

Men and women have fought and died to provide that freedom to a group of people who have little or no respect for the law and feel their right to protest supersedes the rights of others and allows them break laws and ignore orders of the court.

While the objective of their protest may or may not be right, that is a question for someone far more educated than I, the resulting monetary costs of that protest should not have to be shouldered by the taxpayer or Mr. Corrigan. If you cause the damage or need for policing, you should also pay the price.

The police and the courts know who the protesters are, send them the bill.

Heather Fisher, Burnaby


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