Letter: My elderly Burnaby hubby was rudely put at the back of the line


My husband and I have been living in Burnaby for over 10 years, and our shopping is always at Safeway because it's convenient and the people are usually nice. 

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Except for these COVID-19 times. 

My husband uses a cane to walk and he needs my help and he is a senior citizen. 

We understand that senior citizens are scheduled to shop at 8 a.m., but that is too early for him.

My husband has difficulty walking. Yesterday, I helped him to our neighbourhood Safeway at Hastings in the Heights, and when we arrived there at 5 p.m., there was a very long lineup and we were told very rudely to get in line to go inside.

The man was very rude that worked for Safeway - you'd think that he would have better customer service, but no, he just pointed and turned his back on us. Instead of shopping there, we left and we don't intend to return. 

We understand that seniors shop in the morning, but that is too early for my husband and since he is a senior with a cane to walk he should be put in front of the line, like at bus stops when there is a line up he is let on first.

Dollina Stewart, Burnaby

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