Letter: Not having Metrotown renters on the housing task force feels like a betrayal


I am writing in regards to the housing task force. Like many, I am wondering why it has so many developers and the Urban Development Institute, which is a lobby group, but does not have any renters from Burnaby on it.

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I have lived in Metrotown for over 20 years and have been waiting to be demovicted for three years now.

I am bedridden/housebound with severe neuroimmune disease and the stress from the pending demoviction has severely affected my health.

I was able to leave the house before my building was sold, now I'm barely able to go into the kitchen.

I live on provincial disability and being homeless will be a death sentence for me. I am not alone. There have been many stories from people whose lives and health have been destroyed by demovictions and the mayor - who was voted in because of this issue - has chosen to disregard us now? And making a Burnaby Citizens Association councillor - the same BCA who listened to years of people begging them to rethink their plan and continued to vote for every redevelopment permit that came their way - chair of the task force is especially egregious.

I had hope when I heard Mayor Mike Hurley speak about how, as a fireman, he saw people frozen to the ground. I saw that as someone who understood the ramifications of demovictions and homelessness. What I am seeing with regards to the housing task force, however, paints a different story.

There are people's lives at stake here and already the mayor is leaning toward developers whose interest lies in keeping the status quo. This is appalling and there must be renters who have been affected by demovictions allowed on this task force or it's just window dressing and a betrayal.

Cate Moore, Burnaby

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