Letter: Our Burnaby street is a dangerous racetrack. Nobody is listening


OK, I've had it.

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Forest Grove Drive on Burnaby Mountain is being treated like a racetrack by too many people, too often.

Some cars are speeding up to 25 or 30 km/h over the speed limit. My biggest concern?

Several places along the road people must cross the street to get to and from buses. Because the road has bends, inclines and obscuring foliage, there is no way a speeding driver is going to see someone who has stepped out onto the street to cross.

I brought this issue up to the police. They said it was a city problem. I brought this up to the city. They said it was a police problem. I brought this up to the community police office begging them to put their speed watch van out there.

Nothing was done.

Do we have to have a fatality like happened on Cariboo Road before anything will be done to control the traffic here on Burnaby Mountain?

I call on Mayor Mike Hurley and RCMP Chief Superintendent Deanne Burleigh to investigate and take action.

Lesley Gregorash, Burnaby

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