Letter: People in Burnaby refuse to social distance around grandma


Just wanted to share my frustration with the lack of care and very relaxed social distancing in our Burnaby Heights neighbourhood.

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We are a young family who is fortunate to have an 84-year-old grandmother living with us during COVID-19. Let’s face it, if it wasn’t for grandma, we would not have any child care to work from home, and grandma would be very alone due to lack of connections, and a language barrier.
We have made a lot of sacrifices to keep her safe. We love her. Not only do we have to deal with what do we do if the kids go to school, what if there is a second wave?

We also have to deal with careless neighbours who play soccer at the park, have kids in groups alone riding bikes on the sidewalk, plus joggers etc.

I have lost count of how many times grandma had to move to avoid others. Perhaps some don’t care or feel invisible. We love grandma and would like to keep her safe. Please keep your distance, and wear a mask. Attaching a picture of a soccer game at the park, there was a close basketball going on as well. On our way home, a man in his 40s working out gave us no time to move and just smiled.

Marta Rogic, Burnaby

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