Letter: Permanent daylight saving time will actually be super dangerous for all of us


Do you know what time the sun rises on Dec. 21 in a permanent daylight saving time world – 9:05 a.m.

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Think about it, I cycle to work year-round, but now in winter the sun won't rise until long after I have started work. But worse, the roads will be icy longer - and may not have warmed enough as there are less daylight hours to warm up the road before home time. There goes my winter cycling.

Now I'll have to contribute to passenger or car congestion on our overcrowded transit infrastructure.

If you translate that to people who drive to work, you are guaranteeing they will be driving on icy roads in the winter for their morning commute. More ice, more accidents.

I wonder how long permanent daylight saving time will last before people realize it is significantly more depressing and dangerous to be commuting in the morning dark than the evening twilight?

Sally Gillies, Burnaby

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