Letter: Recycling complainer should reduce environmental footprint


Re: I just moved to Burnaby and already hate its recycling system, NOW Letters, Feb. 8

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Firstly, I have to say that Burnaby has one of the few “real” recycling systems, meaning what they pick up actually goes to where it is supposed to go.

I doubt that is the case with the Abbotsford subcontractor. In addition, the population of Burnaby is considerably more than Abbotsford and considerably more of a challenge. I might also suggest before you complain too much about your new home … you might get your facts right. As you indicate, you are a renter and not a taxpayer, but have the right to ask your landlord to contact the city for an extra blue box, an extra-large-size yellow bag and the large-size yard waste bin.

These suggestions might also help with your frustrations. Our yard waste bins also take compostable material. I have two tenants in my suite and my wife and I have lots of room in our garbage bin every two weeks, as well as our yard waste bin. If you claim to be a staunch supporter of recycling, 20 minutes a week should not be a chore.

Last suggestion, you might want to think about reducing your environmental footprint. Until we all reduce our consumption garbage will continue to be a problem.

Gordon Guenter, Burnaby

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