Letter: 'Sheer incompetence' of federal NDP fundraising frustrates Burnaby voter


Canadians are quick to blame their lack of confidence in Jagmeet Singh for the NDP’s poor fundraising performance, but little attention is drawn to the sheer incompetence of NDP fundraising efforts.

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The NDP’s poor fundraising performance is better attributed to the NDP’s unwillingness to fix its broken donation forms, outdated website and do-not-contact checkboxes.

Even talking to the NDP’s fundraising team for help making a donation is an exercise in pulling out your hair, with their email responses seeming more like non-answers that make you feel like they ignored everything after the second sentence.

All this while the NDP’s signature fundraising strategy is to send former donors a dozen emails biweekly without hesitation (or) a working unsubscribe link, in addition to fundraising and volunteering canvassing calls at every hour of the day that ignore your contact preferences.

There are many reasons to dislike Jagmeet Singh, but incompetency in fundraising is something that will hurt the NDP regardless of who is at the helm. I will not regret voting for Jagmeet Singh in the upcoming byelection, but I certainly already regret giving to him.

Andrew Norton, Burnaby

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