LETTER: Smith Avenue also needs sidewalks


Re: “There’s no place to walk” on Marine, NOW, Oct. 3

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Smith Avenue, Burnaby, also lacks sidewalks in quite a few areas. I had the occasion to ride my mobility scooter down the length of Smith Avenue only to discover having the sidewalk end at intersections, ending with a drop-off and no mobility ramp in order to cross the street. Instead, I was forced to turn the corner to the right and travel sometimes almost half the block to find a driveway where I would be forced to cross in the middle of the street, while dodging moving vehicles.

In other areas, the sidewalk would simply disappear, and it would simply be a worn path along the side of the road. I remember having to wind my way around school children, as well as adults making their way home, or to the nearest bus stop. Smith Avenue is either a street or it’s not, with a similar story as that described along Marine Drive. Perhaps it’s time for the city to prioritize making sure our sidewalks are up to community standards, instead of concentrating valuable resources in paying for free golfing for our city’s elites.

J. Wayne McQueen, Burnaby

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