Letter: Some Burnaby boys called me a b***h and I'm furious


Hey Burnaby neighbours:

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Do you have an older boy or young man in your life? Would you please talk to them for me? 

On a recent evening run in the area of Byrne Creek Community School, I noticed a group of young men stopped looking in my direction. As I passed them, one yelled out loudly and aggressively, “Ya bitch, keep running!”

I got the sense that the group found this hilarious. I did keep running, with my hand on my phone. 

Honestly, though, I was less scared than furious. How is it that that group of young men found harassing a woman in their neighbourhood funny or okay? 

If you have an older boy or young man in your life, please tell them how you would feel if you found out it was them yelling, “Ya bitch, keep running!” at girls or women in their community.

You probably think it wasn’t your son or friend or teammate, but at least five of you will be wrong. Please, have a direct conversation with your sons, friends, and teammates about this. Tell them in absolute and no uncertain terms that you expect more from them. 

Marnie Conklin, Burnaby

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