Letter: Some monster hit my car and sped off like a coward


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I was reading the article about the “monster” who was videotaped in a hit and run of a parked car.

Appalling as that is, my experience was even worse.
On Nov. 16 at approximately 11:20 p.m., I was involved in a hit and run too.
Unfortunately, we were in the car. This happened on Brunette Avenue at the Highway exit/on ramp intersection, just before the overpass. We were heading south to merge onto the Hyw #1 West ramp.

The “hit & run” driver was heading south and turned in front of me while I was in the intersection, on my green light. I did my best to avoid an accident/crash but it was impossible. I hit the passenger/mid-section of their car. My front damaged.
Sadly, we did not get a licence plate number before they continued off of Brunette Avenue onto the east ramp to Hwy #1. Fortunately, an ambulance was directly behind us, and witnessed the hit and run. I want to thank the Burnaby paramedics very much, for ensuring we all were OK and for giving their statements to police.
With that said, not one other person stopped to help. Not one to offer a statement. That to me is unbelievable. Bad enough the “monster” driver who caused the accident, but no one to step up? It makes me sad. I’m not sure if it was because it was raining? Was it because they were too busy? Was it because they just didn’t want to get involved?
Others saw this accident. Others saw the other, damaged car driving east on Hyw #1. Someone will be fixing this vehicle.
Please, do the right thing. Contact Burnaby RCMP if you saw anything. The hit and run car, we think, was a dark blue (we have a part of their trim left at the scene) BMW m3 or a 330ci coupe style. Their passenger side was damaged and they will be needing to go to a repair shop.
Because I do not have their licence plate number, I need to pay $300-$750 deductible to get my car fixed. If I can find this “monster” he will be responsible for all of the costs.
Please pass this message on, keep an eye out for their damaged car, report them to the Burnaby RCMP. Please help to make someone accountable not only for causing an accident, but not even having the decency to see if the three people in the car were ok.

Who does this?
Personally, I don’t like monsters driving on our streets. Help make them accountable.
Y. Mercier, Burnaby

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