Letter: Step aside JT, my new political crush is Jagmeet Singh


Are you sure Jagmeet Singh is a politician?  He is charming, real, and intelligent; not to mention fit.

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He looks like the buff Aquaman Jason Momoa with his hair down. Even Drake and Rihanna are among his followers on social media.

Best of all, he has real ideas. He wants to implement a universal pharmacare and dental care plan, build affordable housing, eliminate interest on student loans, and reduce our cell phone bills.

How can you hate him for that? 

Singh says he will introduce a wealth tax on the uber-rich and make polluters and corporations pay their fair share.

Ok, step aside JT, I think I found my new political crush.

I will do my part and join the “upriSingh” at the ballot box.

Alex Sangha  


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