LETTER: The government makes everything more expensive

Editor: Have you ever noticed that when government gets involved in anything, the price goes up and service goes down? Here are some examples.

Transportation: In the late 1950s, we had 24-hour transit (street cars) and rail services right to Chilliwack at no cost to the taxpayers provided by BC Electric. And now we have high transit fares, government costs in the billions of taxpayers’ money and only one service to Langley ending about 1 a.m.

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Housing: We used to have plenty of affordable housing and rentals, then government brought in the land freeze, rent control, higher land taxes, more red tape for developers and now transfer fees and more regulations. Thus, a massive shortage of housing and rental. So what is the government answer? More taxes and fees, so for some reason housing and rentals prices skyrocket. So in their wisdom the government local, provincial and federal tax hit almost 50 per cent on a new condo and they don’t know why housing costs go up? Maybe more taxes again is the answer?

Gas: More taxes, regulations, Trans Mountain expansion stopped, government red tape, courts, protesters. So what is happening? Our airport is getting fuel from the U.S.A.; in fact, 35 tanker trucks a day from Cherry Point south of Vancouver and soon jet fuel from South Korea (Middle East-refined crude) and, most recently, crude oil tankers through the Salish Sea from Russia to be refined at Cherry Point and Alberta’s workers unemployed by the thousands and, of course, no housing problem in Alberta. Never mind the empty buildings everywhere. 

Pot: Now the cherry on the cake – our dopey PM is now legalizing pot, so refer back to my first statement. That is right, the price of pot will go up to pay the taxes, and what else is in the news? There will be a massive shortage of weed. The government can’t handle anything right. Never mind the taxes on law enforcement, and nothing to test pot with and more court backlogs. 

The old saying: a government that will give you everything you want will take everything you have, plus taxes.

Roger Reimer, Burnaby 


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