Letter: This Burnaby crossing guard has seen some heinous driving


In my position as a school crossing guard (at the intersection of Beaverbrook Drive and Beaverbrook Crescent), I am constantly amazed at drivers' behaviours while driving.

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Some examples are eating, drinking, shaving, putting on makeup, brushing their hair and driving with dogs on their laps. Not to mention texting or talking on the phone, or driving with children, who should be in child restraints, hanging out the window.
One of the most disturbing behaviours are drivers who speed in spite of the fact that the area is a recommended 30 km/h zone. Of greatest concern are drivers who run through an active pedestrian crosswalk against the red light.
This crosswalk is used daily by school children (both elementary and secondary), parents with preschool children, and strollers and seniors.
Drivers need to slow down, pay attention to red lights and help to keep everyone safe.

Anita Loy, Burnaby

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