Letter: This Burnaby intersection's signals need changing to save lives


Re: It’s been traffic chaos on this Burnaby road. Did anyone warn us? NOW blogs, July 10

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I've been part UniverCity community since 2013 and would like to echo the chaos on the recent road closure. As you've noted, there aren't clear signs with respect to the detour route at all.

Now that we are forced to take the "other" available route down the mountain from UniverCity, I have further concerns passing the Gaglardi Way and Burnaby Mountain Parkway/University Dr. East intersection. I've seen and experienced close calls on vehicles turning left on to Burnaby Mountain Parkway (westbound) from Gaglardi (northbound) against vehicles travelling down the Gaglardi (southbound) on a green light. These left-turning vehicles most often will turn left even if the southbound traffic has entered the intersection. I've seen it one too many close calls over the last six years.

(Recently) I almost "t-boned" a left-turning SUV on my way down the mountain, passing the intersection described above. Luckily, I was able to slam the breaks and come to screeching halt in the middle of the intersection to let the car turn left on my green light right-of-way.

I understand everyone is in hurry to get to work/home. However, the city should modify the signals on this intersection to not allow unprotected left turns onto Burnaby Mountain Parkway (westbound) from Gaglardi (northbound) to minimize these dangerous driving behaviours.

Most often, these left-turning vehicles misjudge (or just don't care about) the speed of the oncoming vehicles. We are seeing too many close call here and I am afraid major accidents may occur in near future. 

Also, the speed limit on University Crescent should be 30 km/h - too many vehicles passing the cross walks at 50 km/h or more without stopping for the pedestrians.

Sam Cho, Burnaby

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