Letter: This Burnaby library is pretty, but too noisy for studying


I am writing to the Burnaby NOW in regards to the Tommy Douglas Library. As a longtime Burnaby resident, I was ecstatic to hear that a new library was underway minutes from my home where the community could gather and enjoy the learning amenities.

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However, as I have been a frequent visitor to the library (mostly weekends), I have to admit that this library's floor plan was not well thought of.

As I am sitting here, writing about my frustrations, I can hear kids crying loudly, the coin machine clinking, people talking and a child running around the inside perimeter of the library (including the quiet study area).

I understand that a library is for all ages to enjoy and to learn in. However, I am becoming quite frustrated that I escape the distractions of my home to study at the library, only be distracted again by the noise.

I honestly do not know who designed this beautiful and modern, yet poorly thought-out building. I am writing this because I believe majority of people who study here are individuals that need a peaceful environment to concentrate and study - however, I do not think that is possible. I want to voice my opinions because apparently no else has.   

Elaha Anwary, Burnaby


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