Letter: This 'clumsy' new Burnaby bike lane puts everyone at risk


I’m pretty sure you’re aware of the recent construction and reconfiguration of Lougheed highway.

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I frequently use the route, where I turn right onto Underhill from Lougheed to reach my home. Previously, this turn was your standard lane change, but now they introduced the bike lane in a “clumsy” way.

This turn is now forcing us to slow down, or even come to a complete halt on the highway, where cars are going fast. From the first day, I thought that was a bad idea.

I just experienced exactly what I was fearing, cyclist forcing me to slow and causing the semi following the car behind me to abruptly change lanes as it cannot stop easily.

Good that everybody was paying attention to the road and we didn’t have an accident.

I strongly think this section needs to be reconfigured. Right now, I feel it’s not safe for riders and/or drivers. A careless driver or rider can easily create havoc here.

Soner Kalayci, Burnaby

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