Letter: Trans Mountain's reassurances don't make me feel reassured


Re: Trans Mountain must convince us the Burnaby tank farm is safe from a quake, NOW Letters, May 14

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An Editor’s Note at the end of this letter to the editor concerning safety concerns about the Trans Mountain tank farm quotes a company spokesperson touting the company’s safety record. “In 65 years of operation, we’ve never had a storage tank fire or structural incident with one of our tanks.”
That’s because there hasn’t been an earthquake yet on Burnaby Mountain. The whole point of earthquake preparedness is to be ready when the “Big One” strikes.

Reassuring local residents all is well because nothing catastrophic has happened yet is not preparedness. It’s unacceptably dangerous, putting the lives of everyone who resides, works or studies on Burnaby Mountain at serious risk.

Roslyn Hart, Burnaby

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