Letters: Think again about the Hong Kong protests


Recently there was an opinion article calling for support of the Hong Kong protests (We need to stand with the Hong Kong protesters, Burnaby NOW online, Aug. 26).

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Many may not know that funds supporting these protest groups is coming from the National Endowment for Democracy organization, which is a CIA soft arm. Their sole purpose is to fund groups and protests in an attempt to overthrow governments, and as some may already know the CIA has a long bloody history of this since the 1950s.

I am not saying that Hong Kong is better off or worse under China's government; I am simply putting the facts out their to encourage people to think twice in the result that these protests could have in the long run and the damage it could to Hong Kong's economy and how it may cause a butterfly effect in Vancouver. And, finally, to put thought into who these protests are really benefiting in the end.

Dan Suleiman

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