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(Photos) Burnaby market so hot even 47-year-old houses going for $5M a pop

House is located in one of Burnaby's most prestigious neighbourhoods.

If you are considering selling your Burnaby home, now it probably as good a time as there is.

There are some heady prices being seen in the Burnaby real estate market, especially when it comes to older houses.

It’s not just modern and shiny new houses that are fetching big dollars – older houses are doing well too.

Such as a new listing for a 47-year-old house on Buckingham Drive that has been priced at $4,988,800 (notice the 8s – that’s a lucky number for some Asian buyers).

The house is really big at more than 5,000 square feet but it’s also an “estate-style” property that sits on 0.41 acres. Buckingham Heights is also considered the most prestigious housing area in Burnaby as it sits near Deer Lake.

The house is also in immaculate conditions, although it is not what you would call modern. It’s retained many of its original features, including long wood beams in the ceiling.

There has been a flurry of old houses selling for more than $2 million in Burnaby during the past few months. There is also an influx of newish homes that are selling for between $4.1 and $6.3 million.

Burnaby South currently sits at a benchmark price of $2,067,100 (+4.2% in one month) while Burnaby North was at $2,021,400 (+4.9% in one month), according to the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver’s March report.

Burnaby East stayed under $2 million at $1,776,300 (+2.7% in one month). 

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