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Burnaby Hospital's patient-centric care increases with trailblazing new redevelopment

Jim Pattison to match your donation when you give a gift to Burnaby Hospital Foundation, up to $5 million

It's an exciting time for Burnaby Hospital Foundation. Their Proud History, Bright Future redevelopment campaign is underway to encourage Burnaby and East Vancouver communities to support the modernization and revitalization of a new health care campus, one of the biggest investments in B.C.'s healthcare history.

Constructed in 1952, the hospital has not received a major upgrade for 40 years.

By donating today to Burnaby Hospital Foundation, the impact of your gift will double, thanks to celebrated philanthropist and business icon, Jim Pattison, and his $5 million matching gift towards Burnaby Hospital’s redevelopment.

"With Jim Pattison's gracious support, the time to give is now," says Kristy James, President & CEO, Burnaby Hospital Foundation. "It's really important for the community to support their local hospital.”

“Not only is it an investment into the community's future, but when you contribute to your hospital, you contribute to your own future, the future of your kids, and your family's future. We're here for you, through every phase of life."

“I’ve always believed in giving back and supporting communities to help people get the health care they need,” shares Jim Pattison. “I am proud to make this contribution to help Burnaby Hospital provide people with excellent medical care close to home.”

Over the years, donors have funded many of Burnaby Hospital's new and upgraded medical equipment and technologies. Donor gifts are essential and this incredible support is life-altering and life-saving for the thousands of patients and families who rely on high-quality and accessible health care.

The Foundation bridges the gap between what the government provides and what the community needs to be dynamic and healthy.

“Chances are you or a loved one will need our hospital at some point in the future," says Dr. Tim Kostamo, Head of Orthopedic Surgery and Burnaby Hospital Foundation Board Member. "By supporting our campaign, you will help us continue to provide the best care possible to residents in Burnaby and East Vancouver."

"Our purpose is to ensure that Burnaby Hospital is equipped in every way to advance the health of all generations, which helps maintain the vibrancy of the entire community," reveals James.

Redevelopment's four key services

The new campus will include two new patient care towers and a new cancer treatment centre, also increasing the total number of beds to a projected 397, a nearly 50 per cent increase. The Facilities Support Building will also be extended and upgraded.

Phase One of the redevelopment will focus on four key services essential for all local families: emergency care, surgery, maternity, and mental health.

The physical transformation of Burnaby Hospital will have an immediate impact on patients and families and provide their innovative care teams with the space and tools to do their best work, improving on what they already offer the community.

In addition to the key services, the hospital redevelopment will also be designed with enhanced features in place to respond to future pandemics, including outbreak control zones, vestibules for putting on and taking off personal protective equipment, and airborne isolation rooms.

Help the Foundation pave the way for Burnaby Hospital's bright future in healthcare by improving the quality of care and the hospital experience for you. The community deserves nothing less than access to the most innovative equipment and technology and compassionate care close to home.

"This generous matching gift from Jim Pattison pushes us so much closer to our shared vision of exceptional health care in a community where we all live, work and find enjoyment,” says James.

“The hospital has been at the heart of this community for a long time, and the Proud History, Bright Future redevelopment is a meaningful way for any individual to give back. There is no better time to give than now."

To learn more about Burnaby Hospital Foundation, the redevelopment campaign, or to make a contribution, visit or call 604-431-2881.