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Elevate your next corporate event at this architectural masterpiece in Metro Vancouver

Located in New Westminster, Anvil Centre’s boutique conference centre and cultural space offers flexible options for private events of various capacity and use
The multi-purpose centre contains 18,000-square-feet of unencumbered conference and event space throughout the venue.

If you're eager to make your next corporate function a big hit, it's time to go beyond the mainstream.

Impress your guests with a versatile combination of event spaces in a state-of-the-art architectural masterpiece, with striking glass façade and modern features that offers exclusivity and appealing aesthetics—where possibilities are re-defined.

Anvil Centre is a vibrant cultural venue and boutique conference centre located in the heart of New Westminster, a standout downtown landmark that embodies design ingenuity. With four levels of configurable spaces and advanced technical features, it's adaptable to accommodate a wide variety of events for your corporation.

From trade shows, AGMs, conferences, meetings, and keynote presentations, to fundraisers, awards ceremonies, galas, banquets, private dinners, and holiday parties—and everything in between—Anvil Centre is a fusion of ideas, energies, and cultures, with multiple spaces to suit your event.

"It's not often you encounter a venue as unique as Anvil Centre," says Vali Marling, general manager of Anvil Centre. "It's a place—and experience—your guests won't soon forget."

Large, bright spaces amplify the convivial atmosphere, and floor-to-ceiling windows are a showstopper, welcoming streams of natural light into all four stories.

"The natural light makes a considerable difference for attendees, especially if they're sitting for an eight-hour day; it really helps keep them energized," explains Marling. "They also have the opportunity to look out at the Fraser River and the heritage buildings around the venue."

This state-of-the-art architectural masterpiece features a striking glass façade and modern features that offer appealing aesthetics. Photo via: Anvil Centre

Unique range of spaces and capacities

As a multi-purpose centre, the scope of facilities is varied and includes studios, multiple meeting rooms and boardrooms, and 18,000-square-feet of unencumbered conference and event space throughout the venue, which allows for multiple configurations and a capacity of 500. As well, Anvil Centre can accommodate up to 1,600 throughout the venue at the same time.

"With our capability to change the spaces, our movable partitions in the Anvil ballroom on level one, for example, opens to the foyer and the floor-to-ceiling windows," Marling reveals.

The 361-seat theatre and atrium, with its unique acoustics, add a special component to the Centre, both ideal for a variety of functions.

"Our atrium is absolutely stunning," Marling adds. "We've had concerts in this space and some amazing choirs, plus other musical performances that sound absolutely magnificent."

"We can transform the professional theatre set by collapsing the seats and turning it into a meeting, conference, or beautiful gala space. Professional lighting and AV are available, too, which makes a real impact on the tone of the event."

With settings from banquet tables and chairs, stand-up reception-style to intimate round cocktail tables and lounge seating (perfect as collaboration hubs), Anvil Centre has ample flexible arrangements to create truly distinctive experiences.

"We wanted to ensure people had a space during breaks with comfortable furniture to relax, network, and catch-up with industry coworkers—locations that inspire interaction," says Marling.

Anvil Centre is a standout downtown landmark that embodies design ingenuity. Photo via: Anvil Centre

Expert event team, five-star cuisine

You can expect an experienced and professional team to help you plan your meeting or event, tailored to your specific needs.

A host of event managers, curators, services coordinators, programming managers, technical directors, and archivist is on hand to ensure a smooth and successful function.

Explore the space with a guided tour, where the team will share their creative ideas and approaches, answer all your technical questions, and help you establish a budget.

Executive chef, David Bell, leads a culinary team that blends the finest, freshest ingredients with quality, preparation, and presentation. From formal plated dinners to cocktail receptions to casual appetizers, their menus represent the diversity of Metro Vancouver, provided with top-notch service.

Heather, with a local New Westminster company, beams about their positive experience. "We absolutely love this venue and all the team; thus, we are now booking our holiday party again for the third year in a row!" 

There are a myriad of interesting aspects to incorporate into your event, such as the area's heritage, including photos from the museum archives; a themed exhibition with works from their community art gallery; plus, a variety of team-building opportunities on-site.

"I'm very proud that we have our original opening team (for 10 years), which is unheard of in the industry," says Marling. "We're tight knit like family; it really works and makes a big difference in our ability to deliver our clients the best experiences and service possible."

With amenities that consider inclusivity and accessibility, the Centre is equipped with elevators and accessible doors, accessible washrooms on each level, gender-neutral washrooms, on-site parking, parking for guests with disabilities, as well as, proximity to SkyTrain and buses.

For more information and bookings, visit or call 604-515-3830