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Exterior paint job the easiest way to add value to your home and prevent damage

Walker Painting brings expert craftsmanship and quality control to every project in the Lower Mainland

Nothing improves the value of your home quite like a quality paint job, luxurious finish or fresh renovation.

For over 30 years, Walker Painting has brought expert craftsmanship and quality control to every project it carries out in the Lower Mainland.

And for a limited time, Walker Painting is offering an early-bird discount on its services. Clients who book before May 1 will receive 5 per cent off the quoted price.

Walker Painting offers a wide selection of services from simple suite re-paints to full home interior and exterior painting, specialty finishes, and wallpapering.

Each project is carefully overseen by owner-operator Anthony Walker.

“I’m involved in each project from front to back, from giving the quote to overseeing the work,” Walker says.

“If I’m not doing the work myself, I’m always involved. I don’t just throw a bunch of subcontractors on the job who are working double time to finish up. No one with me is in a hurry. We do everything at a high-end, premium level.”

Walker, who has an artistic eye, can advise on colour and design features that bring out the finest architectural aspects of your home.

“I’ve always enjoyed the colour consultations and helping people pick what looks good. A lot of times, people just don’t have a clue, especially with exteriors and they’ll just pick white. I can help guide them to something that looks really good,” Walker says.

“If it’s a vintage of house or a heritage house, there are colours that will look good for that era of the house or the neighbourhood they’re in. We’ll look at what colours are on the houses around them and select something that looks good not only for their home, but in the neighbourhood as a whole.”

Walker specializes in interior and exterior painting and repair of Heritage style character homes. He also provides commercial and industrial painting services throughout Greater Vancouver and the Tri-Cities.

Walker Painting can also provide any preparations or repairs that may be required prior to painting.

“We put a lot of effort into the preparation. Something that sets us apart from other outfits is that I do repairs. You don’t have to get one guy to fix fascia boards or trim or siding that’s rotted, because I can do that,” Walker says.

“With us, everything is under one roof.”

Walker Painting also guarantees it will maintain its projects for two years after completion to ensure a longer-lasting paint job.

Painting doesn’t just give your home an aesthetic boost, it also protects the home from damage.

“When was the last time you painted your house? If it was 10 years ago, that’s too long between jobs. It’s important to maintain,” Walker says.

Exteriors of homes left unattended can lead to larger structural problems.

“If you have a wood house, you have to stay on top of it,” Walker says.

“Dirt causes mildew, mildew causes rot. What would have been the price of the paint job now costs way more in repairs.”

Walker Painting also offers a maintenance program to curtail any damage the weather might cause while owners are waiting to have it painted.

“Sometimes they have mildew and that kind of stuff, so we’ll power wash. If there’s bare wood that’s flaking and peeling, it’s a stop gap until they’re ready to get everything done,” Walker says.

Keeping a house well-maintained helps to preserve its value.

“Your house is your investment,” Walker says.

“Are you going to protect it or just let it hang out there? Especially if you’re trying to sell, people can tell when there’s pride of ownership.”

To learn more or request a consultation, visit or call 604-782-6929 today.