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Festive fundraiser helps you find your perfect Christmas tree while supporting foster youth and mothers in need

Aunt Leah’s Christmas tree lots are back for another year in Burnaby, Coquitlam, and Vancouver
100% of the profits from trees sold go towards Aunt Leah’s initiatives.

“This time of year, we certainly are in the business of Christmas,” beams Lesley Anderson, director of development and communications at Aunt Leah’s.

Referring to the three fund-raising Christmas tree lots that pop up annually every November in Burnaby, Coquitlam, and Vancouver, Anderson explains that 100% of all profits go towards Aunt Leah’s initiatives. 

Those unfamiliar with Aunt Leah’s should know that this family-founded charity started 35 years ago as a way of supporting vulnerable youth connected to foster care and preventing young mothers from losing custody of their children.

“These are much more than just high-quality Christmas tree lots; this is to raise funds for Aunt Leah’s as a whole,” explains Anderson. “The tree sales connect families to the issues that foster youth face and raise community awareness. This is an opportunity for some of the young people we support to tell their story.”

Bond over a good cause

The tree lots are run by staff and some 300-400 friendly, community-based volunteers whose time is shared between the three locations. A recent volunteer call-out has occurred, but Aunt Leah is looking for volunteers with a wide range of skills for this fun, outdoor, all-weather activity. Various shift times of between two to four hours are available. 

Also, if volunteering at a Christmas tree lot isn’t like a scene from a Hallmark holiday movie, then what is?

Families bond over a good cause in the spirit of giving by volunteering together, and kids are welcome if they are aged 14 and older. Anyone 16 years and older can volunteer independently. Aunt Leah’s also welcomes business and organization groups that enjoy team building activities,” says Anderson.

Hoping to raise $800,000 this year “is an important goal for us. Last year, we had to shut down our lots early because of the snowstorm just before Christmas." Anderson describes. "So this goal is doable if folks choose to support us. We are aiming high and keeping our fingers crossed with the weather.”

All three Aunt Leah’s tree lots will open on November 25th and will stay open until quantities last. Photo via: Gilmanshin/iStock

At least six varieties of pine and fir trees are available, all freshly cut for maximum water absorption at home, then wrapped and loaded into or onto your vehicle. Pricing is competitive with other high-quality Christmas tree lots, and “we encourage everyone to consider that a fresh tree is recyclable, sustainably grown, and most municipalities have chipping opportunities when the holiday season is over,” says Anderson.

Fresh vs. plastic when it comes to Christmas trees has been debated for some time, but Anderson says, “We take our social impact seriously and try to reduce plastic. We are pro-natural, clearly.” 

Plus, a fresh-cut Christmas tree has an authentic fragrance that no scented candle can, well, hold a candle to.

Anderson sums up the purpose of Aunt Leah’s festive fundraiser like this: “Lots of young people have not had the opportunity to grow up in a family. We offer them our support with housing, training, life skills, and education. Our tree sales give the community a chance to help others this time of year.”

Perhaps this holiday season, purchasing a tree from the heart, and not just the wallet, is something that speaks to you. 

All three Aunt Leah’s tree lots will open on November 25th this year and stay open until quantities last, often closing around December 22nd or 23rd. 

For updates on hours and volunteering, visit or call 778-773-0857.