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Hate the process of buying a car? This B.C. company makes it easy and hassle-free

Experience the most innovative, hassle-free way to purchase a vehicle in B.C.
Talia purchased her 2020 Toyota Rav4 from Carooga and it was delivered right to her driveway.

You might say it simply confirmed what millions of us already knew.

The results of a survey published earlier this year revealed that, while most people like the idea of shopping for a car, the reality of buying one is much different. 44% of participants said they’d like to avoid dealerships altogether, while more than half said they’d prefer someone else to handle the price negotiation for them.

A 2016 survey was even more eye-opening: It found that 87% of consumers dislike at least one aspect of shopping at a traditional car dealership—whether haggling, hidden fees, pressure tactics, paperwork or all of the above.

But now, Carooga is here—and the downsides of shopping for a vehicle are history.

Carooga is Western Canada’s first fully online car-buying experience, serving the Metro Vancouver region and the rest of B.C. Unlike other car buying websites that merely serve as a digital front for traditional brick-and-mortar car retailers, with Carooga, you never have to talk to a salesperson, set foot in a dealership or wait hours to be approved for financing. The entire process can be done from your computer or smartphone, and the vehicle is delivered right to you.

You might have heard of online car buying before, but the Carooga experience is different, thanks to their financing technology, the first of its kind in Canada. In just two minutes, you can complete the easy online pre-qualifying form and get approved for financing—no phone calls or complicated paperwork required.

Instantly, you can see your real, personalized financing for each and every vehicle as you browse their impressive selection, ranging from compacts and sedans to pickups and luxury SUVs. And yes, even Teslas. Rather than being hurried from car to car to test drive, you get to shop at your own pace and preferred time of day (or night) because the virtual showroom is open 24/7.

As one of Carooga’s recent customers put it, the experience offers “No-pressure, very personable, flexible and supportive services.” Not quite the typical car buying experience.

These used vehicles are dealership quality. Each one is put through Carooga’s meticulous 206-point inspection and guaranteed never to have been in an accident. As well, the 360-degree interactive videos allow you to see each vehicle from every angle and zoom right up close. They even point out any minor cosmetic flaws, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

That feeling of transparency extends to your purchase. There are no hidden fees and no negotiations—the price you see is the price you pay, just as it would be with other online retail experiences. The online store also offers some of the best values on trade-ins in the market, which they will arrange to come and pick up and pay for on the spot. Or, swap for your new ride when they deliver your purchase directly to your door—at no extra cost. 

All this happens while you kick up your feet and relax—comforted by the fact that Carooga offers a free 90-day/3,000 km warranty and a full seven days to test-drive and confirm you love your purchase. If you don’t, simply exchange it for another vehicle or receive a full refund, no questions asked. They’ll even come and retrieve your purchase right from your driveway.

Yes, it’s a lot to wrap your head around at first, but at long last, shopping for a car is made easy, honest and—dare we say—fun with Carooga. Visit their website and find the car you want in just minutes.

Experience the most innovative, hassle-free way to purchase a vehicle in B.C. at