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How to find the perfect pair of jeans for your body type

The fit experts at South Coast Casuals will help you look and feel great

Finding the right pair of jeans can be an exercise in frustration up there with bathing suit shopping.

But with expert help and the right tips, you can find the perfect fit for your body type.

For nearly 30 years, customers have returned time and again to South Coast Casuals in Ladner Village for the store’s dedicated service and commitment to relationship building. 

“We believe honesty is first and foremost paramount. We’re not going to sell a customer something they don’t look good in and don’t feel good in,” South Coast Casuals owner Jill McKnight says.

“Jeans can be challenging to find, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. We can help you look and feel good. If you feel great, you’re going to look great, and that will come across in your smile and appearance.” 

South Coast Casuals is a 3,400 square foot fashion destination that carries over 50 well-made brands in a rainbow of colours and a range of sizes (including a selection of petites and plus-sizes).

The experienced sales team believes that confidence is your best accessory, shopping should be fun, and that for every unique body, there’s a piece of clothing that will make you feel your best. 

“We can help build on items customers already have at home, to piece together a wardrobe that fits their lifestyle and their needs,” McKnight says. 

In the market for a new pair of jeans? McKnight offers this advice for finding the perfect fit:

Start with your preferred rise

Where do you want the top of your jeans to fit? Do you want them to sit at your natural waist or the bottom of your belly button? The rise refers to the length from the top of the jeans to where the inseam begins.

“The number one thing you want to have the right fit on is the rise of the pants,” McKnight says.  “This is key to keeping the front of the pants hanging smoothly and avoiding creases across the uppermost part of the thighs. Once the rise is determined, we focus on the rest of the details like length, shape and features.”

Labels and sizing are only guidelines

Sizes are wildly inconsistent across brands and styles. For example, one manufacturer’s skinny jeans can be much looser than another’s.

“Don’t get caught up in words or numbers because there’s no standard,” McKnight says. 

“When it comes down to it, confidence and comfort flatters everyone. It’s not tied down to a number on a jean.”

That includes smaller women looking for petite sizes. McKnight says not to limit yourself to what’s on the label, specifically to petite labeled items, because there could be better-fitting options in regular cut sizing, like ankle pants for example.

Jeans should fit snug in the store

“One of our rules of thumb is that if the jeans are a snug fit in the store, it’s a good sign. The fit will relax when at home and the jeans will become perfect for your comfort,” McKnight says.

“You don’t want to be able to fit a whole hand into the waistband of your jeans when you’re trying them on. Your body heat will stretch out the jeans as you wear them.”

The last thing you want is for your jeans to stretch out too much and give you extra fabric in the back of the legs, under the seat or across the hip line. 

On that note, to keep your jeans in top condition, McKnight recommends washing them inside-out and hanging them to dry.

Trends come and go

“When it comes to jeans, it’s about what you’re comfortable in,” McKnight says. 

“Don’t worry about what’s trendy. Go with what you are going to grab from the closet time and time again because jeans are meant to be worn and lived in.”

To get started finding clothes that make you look and feel great, visit



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