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How to get your kitchen cabinets looking brand new for a low cost

Gleam Guard Cabinet Refinishing has been revitalizing kitchen and bathroom cabinets in Metro Vancouver with a revolutionary refinishing system since 1987
Photo via Gleam Guard Cabinet Refinishing

Nothing devalues and diminishes the look of a space more than tired, worn cabinetry, which is often a focal point of the room. Moreover, most people would rather sidestep an expensive and time-consuming renovation, just to update their kitchen or bathroom wood cabinets. Fortunately, there's an economical, efficient, and sustainable solution to bring them back to their former glory.

Tracy Booth, founder of Gleam Guard Cabinet Refinishing knows the struggles homeowners face. With a background in the cleaning industry, he understands all too well his customer's dilemma, having heard it time and again: "No matter how hard I clean my cabinets, they just get worse."   

"The issue isn't neglect or that people are cleaning them improperly, but rather the root of the problem is the weakness of the finish; the reality is many finishes on cabinets are sub-par," reveals Booth. "Older 'experienced' cabinets lose their shine over time and can become worn down, especially in high-traffic areas. Once the damage sets in, the stains, chips and scratches, will remain, regardless of your efforts."

Developed in 1987, after years of research and testing, Booth invented a process to clean, restore and protect your cabinetry—without toxic and harsh odours or the difficult and expensive process or mess of stripping down and sanding off the old varnish.

"The key is to choose a professional with the experience to create a beautiful, lasting finish using techniques that won’t fill the air with aggravating dust particles," says Booth, who has been professionally refinishing cabinets for more than 30 years.

Not only does it make good sense environmentally, but economically as well. For as little as $2,000 rather than investing, say $20,000 to $30,000, Gleam Guard can restore your kitchen cabinets for 70% less than the cost of refacing or replacing your cabinets.

"Our efficient process works to bond with your existing finish, while adding our custom stains and finishes to your woodwork," explains Booth. "This creates a durable seal that will strengthen and protect your cabinets. We’ve restored thousands of kitchens to their former beauty, and customers have reported results lasting for decades."

It's all about efficiency for the prep work, too. It's not necessary to remove old cabinets or replace door and drawer fronts, nor empty your cupboards and drawers. "Our average prep time for customers is 10 minutes," says Booth, "less if you don't have much to clear off your countertops."

The dust-free process starts with a Gleam Guard professional prepping the surface with a vigorous clean and then matching and applying the new finish. A wood floor finish provides a long-wearing result, protecting your cabinets from hazards such as water damage, grease, and dust. They can change your stain to lighten or darken your cabinets; however, they don't provide painting services.

"There’s no lengthy planning, demolition, or construction period," explains Booth. "Our trained cabinet refinishing professionals will have your cabinets looking great and ready to go within one to two days."

You can preserve the character throughout your home, not just in your kitchen and bathroom. All interior millwork can be refinished, so think beyond your cabinetry and look to your built-in bookshelves, doors, windowsills, furniture, and more.

Gleam Guard comes with a five-year warranty, and their post-restoration service includes complimentary touch-ups if necessary.

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