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Modern hearing technology helps ensure you’re tuned in for summer fun in Burnaby

HearingLife Canada offers customized hearing care technology to make sure you don’t miss a beat
HearingLife is committed to providing discreet and comfortable hearing devices to suit your lifestyle.

Peace without interruption and focus with purpose – this is where technology amplifies the human experience.

Enter the Oticon Intent, the world’s first user-intent hearing aid with four-dimensional (4D) sensors, proudly offered by HearingLife Canada.

Featuring breakthrough 4D sensors that recognize what you want and need to listen to, the Oticon Intent seamlessly adapts to any scenario. Both water and dust-resistant, its stabilization feature handles disruptive noises so you can enjoy every moment without interruption.

One of many products offered by HearingLife, its mission is to provide discreet and comfortable hearing devices that help enhance quality of life, with modern features such as long-lasting rechargeable batteries and easy connectivity to phones, TVs and other devices, to ensure you don’t miss a minute.

HearingLife Canada’s clinics have teams of competent hearing care professionals dedicated to helping more people hear better. Photo via: HearingLife Canada.

Say you're at a busy restaurant. Naturally, it can be noisy. You need a device that can notice the chatter of people around you, the clinking of glasses and the sizzle of food cooking while also letting you focus on the conversation from across the table.

HearingLife offers modern hearing technology solutions that can recognize this and adjust your settings accordingly, ensuring the conversation comes through clearly while minimizing background noise. It’s like having a smart, personal assistant for your ears, constantly working behind the scenes to ensure you hear exactly what you need to.

Some facets of the aging process require adjustments – but hearing loss shouldn’t be one of them. 

With May representing the arrival of Better Hearing Month, HearingLife Canada is excited to offer a discount of up to $2,100 on select hearing aids.

“To fully experience the benefits of the revolutionary technology and personalized support that Oticon Intent hearing aids offer, you can take advantage of an at-home 30-day trial,” says Katie Koebel, audiologist and senior manager, Audiology, at HearingLife Canada.

“This allows you to wear them in everyday situations and fully realize their positive impact on your ability to communicate and connect with those around you." 

With four HearingLife clinics in Burnaby, customized hearing care is accessible in your neighbourhood. Book an appointment online or call 1-888-514-9515.

HearingLife Clinics in Burnaby are located at: