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New campaign inspires residents to support community businesses

Burnaby Board of Trade launches 'Buy Local Burnaby' campaign to help support community businesses

It’s never been more essential to support Burnaby businesses, both big and small. From restrictions and closures to constrained operating hours, local businesses have endured difficult challenges and significant economic disruptions during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

In an attempt to rectify these losses, the Burnaby Board of Trade (BBOT) recently launched the new Buy Local Burnaby brand to inspire people to support the city's economic recovery. This initiative is designed to drive community engagement, encourage consumers to shop locally and help businesses rebuild, renew and re-imagine. 

"At various times over the past couple of years, we've seen smaller businesses and privately owned businesses go through a really tough time, and, unfortunately, some haven't made it," says Paul Holden, president and CEO of BBOT.

"We've tried to do what we can to support as many as possible, and those still looking for a little bit of help, we're hopeful this program will give them a much-needed boost."

Research shows that for every $100 spent with a B.C. local business, $63 is re-circulated back into the B.C. economy. The intention behind Buy Local Burnaby is to motivate customers to increase their support of local shops and services. In doing so, their money is kept within the community, sustaining local jobs and contributing to their neighbourhood's commercial health.

"The program is a win-win for merchants, service providers, and the people within the community," says Holden.

"It's a reflection of what we do as a chamber, to be a catalyst for economic growth, the convener of business and community leaders, and a champion for interests of local businesses. This program fits perfectly into the DNA that we have as an organization and what it is we're all about."

Business directory connections

The online Buy Local Burnaby directory is an integral part of the campaign, which is broken down by category. All Burnaby businesses are invited to be part of the free Buy Local Burnaby directory to make it easier for customers to find and support them. Shoppers can search the directory to locate local, community-minded businesses that offer an array of products and services.

"The real goal of this program is to show people that whatever they're looking for, they can find it in Burnaby," says Holden.

Unique shopping districts

Burnaby's districts are wonderlands of shopping, services and eclectic eateries. While locals may head out to a district with a shopping list, it's not uncommon that visitors have the districts on their must-do list.

"The districts themselves have their own personalities and distinct style," says Holden. "We're hoping Buy Local Burnaby is a huge attraction for people to visit them.”

The Buy Local Burnaby campaign highlights six unique shopping districts across the city describing what makes them special and highlighting some of the hidden gems the to be found there: 

Metrotown: A destination in itself, Metrotown is Burnaby’s thriving downtown core and home to Metropolis at Metrotown, B.C.’s largest shopping mall with more than 400 shops and services.

Burnaby Heights: Swing on by (as locals say) to Burnaby Heights, a vibrant commercial and culturally diverse urban village with 330 retail shops and services, including specialty grocery stores, butchers, bakers, cafes and more.

North Road – Lougheed: Served by Skytrain, North Road–Lougheed is anchored by the City of Lougheed, a master-planned shopping and residential development; it's also home to a thriving Korean business community.

Market Crossing­­–Big Bend: Overlooking the Fraser River, this district continues its uptick in growth. It features various personal and health services, renowned restaurant brands and major stores, recognized for their great housewares, fashion and food deals.

Brentwood: An evolving neighbourhood, culturally rich and diverse, Brentwood is anchored by The Amazing Brentwood, a major hub for world-class shops, global cuisine, public plazas, and entertainment.

Edmonds: This district is undergoing an exciting transformation with new residential, commercial and shopping opportunities to complement the small, independent food, retail and service businesses that line its walkable streets.

Be social

Help bolster the Buy Local Burnaby social media presence by 'liking' services, shops and businesses on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Write positive reviews, post photos generously of purchases, and don’t forget to tag: #BuyLocalBurnaby.

For more information, visit, email, or call 604-412-0100.