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This Burnaby dental clinic goes beyond regular check-ups, offering in-house night guards, an on-site periodontist and more

Madison Centre Family Dental has a modern approach to improving smiles
The Madison Centre Family Dental team is fostering a supportive environment to ensure all patients feel confident and at ease. Photo via Madison Centre Family Dental

“Our culture is really about taking care of everybody – our patients and our staff included,” says Dr. Karim Lalani, owner of Madison Centre Family Dental.

Lalani has been a dental professional for over thirty years with a multidisciplinary focus and in-house team of specialists that have created a progressive dental clinic offering a wide range of services.

Invisalign orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, whitening, veneers and general family dentistry are included in that range. “Our patients get to know the team and see our staff regularly,” says Lalani, adding “they tend to form good relationships with the specialists, and the rest of the team”

Anxiety for many patients visiting the dentist is a very real thing, and thankfully talked about much more as of late. Being comfortable with one office, and one team that truly goes the extra mile makes a great difference in reducing that stress.

In terms of specialty work, Madison Centre Family Dental has an on-staff periodontist that gently and effectively treats gum disease, educating patients on how our gum health affects our overall health beyond the mouth. Medical studies are showing that gum disease can be a silent killer, resulting in inflammation linked to heart disease and more. Catching it early is important.

Same-day crowns and night guards are available here due to the 3D lab right onsite, and advanced technology.

L-R: Drs. Todd Slogocki, Wayne Lin, Karim Lalani and Christina Lo of Madison Centre Family Dental. Photo via Madison Centre Family Dental

At other dental offices, a patient usually has to make multiple appointments because of the back-and-forth required with outside labs. Time, money and unease usually go into that process. “With our same day custom precision crown procedures, patients come in for prep work in the morning, and often enjoy the neighborhood shops and services such as the nearby Winners, and then return to the office for the finished crown or night guard,” Lalani says. 

"Our patients can receive comprehensive support in a single day and proceed with their daily routines feeling content. There’s no better feeling than seeing your patients leave pain-free and relieved," he adds.  

When it comes to preventative treatment, Lalani explains that traditionally, the only way to see decay in teeth was by using an x-ray. “Thanks to advancements in technology, now we can look at our digital intraoral video scanner and see so much more, beyond just looking in the mouth. It helps catch issues early,” he says.

"If patients undergo a scan today and another one next year, they can observe the breakdown and changes in their tissues over time. Being able to show them concrete evidence of teeth grinding and its effects a year later is a significant advancement."  These scans are safe and do not emit any radiation as they are visual based.

The team utilizes state-of-the-art technology, reducing both time and stress for patients. Photo via Madison Centre Family Dental

Drs. Wayne Lin, Christina Lo, Todd Slogocki and Karim Lalani are all   sensitive to the overall health of their patients and also observe for signs of other health concerns. We recently had a patient who has been coming to us for years, and overtime, we noticed her health was declining,” Lalani says. “We suggested that it may be best to go get checked out by her Family doctor, and sure enough, she had diabetes. With good care from her physician, she is doing well and her oral health has also improved significantly.

"If we can positively influence someone’s life, it is a satisfying feeling," he says. "When I see them smiling without any restrictions – not just the physical smile, but a genuine expression of joy – it's incredibly rewarding. We have the opportunity to change their quality of life, restore their confidence, and bring back their happiness."

Madison Centre Family Dental employs a "patient-centric" service model, which is evident in their focused approach to patient care. To learn more about their services and book your appointment, visit