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New Westminster senior school program focuses on defining students' futures

Urban Academy prepares students for post-secondary with innovative learning opportunities that ignites their determination to be accomplished young adults
Students at Urban Academy pursue learning excellence as they grow into independent and resilient young adults.

It's every parent's wish to see their children building a personalized learning path during their most formidable years, one that is designed to challenge, motivate and support them, while encouraging the development of their individual talents.

By seeking new multi-faceted opportunities for your children in a higher quality learning environment with greater academic rigour, you will help enable them to pursue excellence while being better positioned to grow into confident, independent and resilient young adults.

Senior school at New Westminster's Urban Academy supports students in grade 8–12 with the materials and motivations necessary so they can thrive in projects and activities that ignite their determination to be future leaders.

Parents are a key reason for Urban Academy's success, as they are aligned with the school’s values, and are committed to supporting their child’s academic success; not to mention, parents and staff work together as a team to support each student.

A collaborative approach to education allows Urban Academy to cater to diverse learning styles. Photo provided by Urban Academy

UA employs a unique, collaborative approach to learning with innovative opportunities and programs where everyone feels respected and included. The school's inclusivity is closely associated with student-centred learning and innovative teaching methods.

“Senior students benefit from having a wide variety of learning opportunities and styles available to them for the evolving landscape beyond senior school,” says Mike Slinger, head of school at Urban Academy.

With smaller class sizes (22 students max), Urban Academy teachers have the ability to really get to know students, their passions and interests, as well as to act as mentors.

"As students move through the UA program in senior school, we're able to create opportunities to lead in areas such as business, student action teams, coaching athletics, robotics and performing arts," reveals Slinger.

"Students also have opportunities to pitch and develop clubs and other student leadership opportunities, which speaks to one of UA’s core values: our commitment to entrepreneurial spirit."

An integrated approach to learning prepares Urban Academy students for life after graduation. Photo provided by Urban Academy

UA faculty, Grad Years program

Urban Academy's faculty is a diverse, high-calibre team who are leaders in the education profession, with many who've obtained their masters or doctorate degrees.

"Our teachers are excited about working in an organization committed to innovations in education, and an environment that fosters growth," acknowledges Slinger. "They often come forward with exciting opportunities such as travel, robotics teams, leadership and more."

Through an integrated approach to learning, Urban Academy prepares students for real life, and with that comes preparation for the ever-evolving and dynamic careers of the future.

UA students have a 100% post-secondary acceptance rate and are accepted by one of their top two schools of choice upon graduation.

"Every opportunity a UA student has, offers preparation for their Grad Years program," says Slinger.

"From the arts to business, along with math, sciences, humanities, and Advanced Placement Courses, students can pursue their unique interests. There are also school-wide leadership and extracurricular opportunities, so students graduate prepared for their future with a wide gamut of experiences."

The range of extracurricular opportunities also speaks to a student body interested in a variety of opportunities, including travel, Model UN, athletics and leadership. From being driven and entrepreneurial, to intrinsically motivated and collaborative, UA students are encouraged to take risks and engage in all kinds of challenges.

"UA students are given an incredible number of opportunities, have leadership skills, are surrounded by motivated peers, and are supported by staff who are passionate about their success," says Slinger.

"To be an Urban Academy graduate is to be a creative innovator prepared for an ever-evolving, bright future."

To learn more about the unique opportunities at Urban Academy, attend an Admissions Information Session Webinar.

Additionally, you can register for an upcoming Open House, held throughout the year. The next date Open House dates are March 5, April 11, and May 30. For further insight, check out the senior student spotlight videos.

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