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Virtual workout classes challenge the mind and body of Vancouverites

When COVID-19 shut down gyms across the country, personal trainer George Basargin's clients kept asking him what they could do to stay in shape. "So many people got in touch with me about online training.

When COVID-19 shut down gyms across the country, personal trainer George Basargin's clients kept asking him what they could do to stay in shape.

 "So many people got in touch with me about online training. They were gaining weight, they were depressed, frustrated and looking for an outlet," Basargin says.

 "Humans were never designed to lie down on the couch, drink beer and eat pizza. And with everyone stuck at home, that's mostly what we've been doing."

 In response to the need for an accessible at-home workout, Basargin and his wife Rita Rajmova launched online interactive cardio kickboxing classes.

 The online cardio kickboxing classes provide a highly effective full-body workout utilizing kickboxing moves and engaging your core. It combines static, high-intensity and resistance exercises. It burns your fat, improves your flexibility, balance, and coordination. There is no equipment or experience needed, the classes are available six days a week and you get the convenience of being able to join the classes anywhere with just a small space and internet connection.

 "The feedback so far has been fantastic," Rajmova says.

 "Our clients love the classes; it keeps them in shape and gives them accountability. It offers them a way to connect and build a fitness/health-oriented community during a time when we've really been isolated from each other."

 One client in Vancouver has been using the classes as an opportunity to bond with her mother, who is in Quebec. The mother-daughter duo have a standing weekly date to workout and cheer each other on.

 "George's online cardio kickboxing classes have been a blessing for my mom and I," Diane Garceau says. 

 "It has been a great way for us to connect every week from across the country through exercise without ever having to leave our home. Though my mom is 70 and I am turning 50 this year, we have both gotten out of this class the level of intensity that is right for us. We always finish with a feeling of empowerment that carries us through our day."

 Basargin's online interactive cardio kickboxing classes are designed to challenge not only your body but also your mind. It trains your reflexes helping you develop your reaction time and coordination, which is useful in other aspects of your life, from playing any other sports to reacting faster in hazardous situations while driving.

Classes also have the advantage of real-time instruction and interaction.

"Interaction is one of the key elements of the classes. With recorded programs, you're on your own. There's nothing wrong with that, but there is no accountability, and sometimes the boredom factor comes in," Rajmova says.

 "With our classes, you're actually interacting with the instructor. You feel as if you are sparring with your partner in the gym. You constantly have to watch what he does and react to his movements. He always keeps you on your toes. He pushes you to do your absolute best. People love the classes because it's not the same thing over and over," Rajmova says.

 Classes start for as little as $7 per screen. That means as many people in a household who want to participate in the class can for one low price. Husband and wife duos and parents with children have been working out together in the fun, interactive classes. They also offer a risk-free trial period of one week to try as many classes as you want without charge.

 Basargin brings decades of experience to his classes. He has been involved in sports for over 40 years. While his parents wanted him to be a neurosurgeon and he did attend medical school, Basargin opted instead to pursue a professional kickboxing career attaining several titles in Russia. After moving to Canada, he raised multiple champions, including Canadian and World Champion. He currently teaches out of Vancouver’s Reality Martial Arts kickboxing school.

 Basargin draws on that practical and formal experience to bring an educational component to his classes, ending sessions by answering questions on topics that range from weight loss, nutrition and exercise to the correct kickboxing techniques.

 To learn more and to sign up for a free trial of online classes today, visit You can also email

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