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Why it pays to hire a lawyer

LPK Law Corporation in New West can help with your legal issues
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It's likely that everyone, at some point during their life, will need a lawyer.   

The best time to hire a lawyer is before you take any action that might have legal implications, such as: before you sign a contract, create a will, seek child custody, or are charged with a crime.

If you're faced with any of these legal issues, among others, it's important to have someone on your side who can navigate the legal process and ensure your interests are protected.

Your lawyer should be a trusted advisor, to help you understand your legal rights and obligations, and a formidable negotiator, to get you the best possible results.

Leonard Kompa, a practicing B.C. lawyer since 1988, assumes both these roles. As principal of LPK Law Corporation, he recently established his firm in New Westminster, and brings over 30 years of legal and courtroom experience to meet his client's needs.

He uses his experience in negotiation, mediation, and courtroom and tribunal advocacy to assist his clients in resolving their legal issues. As well, he endeavours to resolve matters out-of-court; however, when necessary, he vigorously advocates his client's interests in court. And Kompa knows all too well what it means to put forth a strong fight.

"Leonard has cerebral palsy and brings a certain fight-for-your-life kind of passion to his work because he knows what it's like to be the underdog," says Sheila Raadschelders, director of administration, LPK Law.  

Kompa's practice areas include, divorce law, family law, property division, spousal and child support, criminal law (criminal defence), and personal injury law. He tends to specialize in family and litigation. "Those are his favorites," reveals Raadschelders. "He's your guy if you have a contract dispute, a strata issue, or a family problem."

Business contracts

There's a lot of legal terminology in contracts people don't understand and using a lawyer is a way to avoid costly disputes. "Depending what your business is, there could be copyright involved, especially intellectual property, which is big nowadays, especially in the digital market," says Raadschelders. Before you sign any contracts, particularly business, it's best to seek legal counsel. You need to protect yourself first. 

Wills & estates

Raadschelders says, "Everybody needs a will at all different times in their lives, for instance, when you have kids, when they're of age, and when you get divorced. Wills are incredibly important for your future and the future of generations after you."

"About 90% of estates end up in probate because you never know who's going to put a claim on the estate."

Child custody

A broken marriage poses issues of child custody, child and spousal support, visitation rights, division of property, living space, and more. "There's a lot of parenting time issues," says Raadschelders. "Children need structure, and when you have a lawyer that is willing to work with you and what's best for your child, you get the structure the child needs to succeed in life."

Criminal matters

"You need an attorney to protect your rights regardless what the charge is," explains Raadschelders. "Leonard has handled all types of criminal matters including, summary convictions to murder and manslaughter, and dangerous offender proceedings."

"Leonard's philosophy is client-focused, solutions-based and results-oriented," she says. "He prides himself on getting a result that everybody can live with."

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