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Here are the cheapest destinations for Canadians to book travel in 2023

Find out what cities cost less to book this year and what day is your best bet to fly on.
Kayak says flights to Bangkok, Thailand, and Manila, Philippines are popular from Vancouver's YVR airport. Prices to Greece, Croatia, and Australia have also dropped as 2023 has begun.

Canadians are especially eager to explore the globe after nearly three years of pandemic-related restrictions, according to a new study. 

American online travel company Kayak has released its 2023 Travel Trends Forecast, highlighting some of the most popular destinations, deals, and travel styles that have emerged in the new year. 

Canadians are particularly hungry to return to travel this year, with international flight searches up nearly 100 per cent. In comparison, its neighbours to the south saw an increase in searches of 64 per cent. 

“After nearly three years of lockdowns and travel restrictions, travel is back in a big way,” says KAYAK’s Senior Country Manager Leon Mulder. “With heightened interest for international travel, it’s clear Canadians aren’t just planning a quick weekend getaway, they are hungry for bucket list trips to make up for lost time.”

The Asia Pacific region is trending in 2023, with searches to Manila, the capital of the Philippines, up an impressive 287 per cent year-over-year. Bangkok, Thailand, has also seen a staggering increase in interest, with searches up 229 per cent. A new, direct flight option connecting Vancouver International Airport (YVR) with Bangkok International Airport (BKK) commenced on Dec. 1, 2023; it is North America's only nonstop flight option to the South East Asian city. 

While staycations were very popular over the pandemic, residents of the Great White North have global aspirations this year. Searches for international trips are up a whopping 94 per cent while domestic accommodations are only up 10 per cent year-over-year. 

Cheap Vancouver flights and trending travel Canada destinations

Kayak says "cool and coastal" cities offer the best savings for Canadians this year. Flights to Melbourne, Australia have decreased in price by 10 per cent year-over-year, and flights to Vaitape -- the largest city of Bora Bora Island in French Polynesia -- have dropped nine per cent. Similarly, Copenhagen, Denmark flights cost an average of eight per cent less, while flights to Croatia have seen a decrease of five per cent year-over-year. Tickets to Greece are roughly three per cent less this year. 

When is the cheapest day to fly on to score the lowest price?

The travel provider's data shows Thursday is the day to best day to "take-off" to get the best bang for your buck. 

For Vancouverites, trips to sun and sand destinations in Central America offer great value, with flights from YVR starting at $735 round-trip.

Kayak has also characterized 2023 as the year of "revenge travel" for Canadians since they are making up for lost travel time due to the pandemic. 

Have a look at the top trending destinations and top deal destinations for Canadians this year. 

Photo via Kayak