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'100% worth it': Man says he was yelled at for removing white supremacy flyer at SkyTrain

He says was yelled at by a white supremacist while he was taking down a flyer that read, "BC is now the most antiwhite place on Earth."
White supremacy flyer at Surrey Central SkyTrain station. Photo: @run_neil / Twitter

A Metro Vancouver man says he'll pay people to take down white supremacist flyers after he was yelled at for removing one. 

In a series of tweets beginning on Monday, Oct. 26, Ranil Prasad alleges he was yelled at by a white supremacist while he was taking down a flyer that read, "BC is now the most antiwhite place on Earth."

The flyers also state that it is "not okay to be antiwhite."

"I saw someone putting these signs up at Surrey Central, so I tore this one down. Got yelled at by a white supremacist who was distributing it who claimed I was "anti-white" and "hateful," read Prasad's Tweet. 

Prasad tells Vancouver Is Awesome that he found the original flyer on a porta-potty at Surrey Central SkyTrain Station. Since then, he says he's received two photos of the posters at different locations. One was at Bay 13 at Surrey Central, and the other was on 64th Ave.

After posting an image of the original flyer, Prasad took to Twitter to ask people to take them down if they see them and to tear them into "tiny pieces." He adds that he will personally give $5 for each flyer. 

"Nobody has come forward to collect their prize yet, although I've gotten quite a few messages that other people have been taking them down before I did," he notes. 

Since yesterday, Prasad says he has also received multiple negative and racist comments from anonymous accounts. 

"Yeah, I've had to block 50-60 anonymous white nationalist accounts. I've been called every name under the sun - a pedophile, a huge number of racial slurs, someone with bad genetics, fat, an incel, etc etc etc, all of which came from accounts with no name attached." 

Prasad says he is exhausted but notes that it was, "100% worth it."

Metro Vancouver Transit Police Spokesperson Sgt. Clint Hampton tells V.I.A. in an email that Transit Police are investigating this incident. He writes that Transit Police attended the area of Surrey Central Monday afternoon for the report of two men distributing white supremacist material. However, Transit Police were unable to locate the men.

"In some circumstances, the distribution of hateful material directed at an identifiable group may meet the Criminal Code threshold of “Public Incitement of Hatred," says Hampton. 

"In this particular case, the material seems to be focused on a perceived victimization of a ‘white minority’ and does not refer to any other race/ethnicity.

"Whether or not a criminal offence or a breach of policy occurred, the promotion of any form of hate on the Transit system is totally unacceptable."