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Meet the candidates: Who is running in New Westminster-Burnaby?

Five candidates vying for your vote
New Westminster-Burnaby Candidates 2021
Meet your New Westminster-Burnaby federal election 2021 candidates: Clockwise from top left: Kevin Heide (PPC), Rozina Jaffer (Liberal), Peter Julian (NDP), Paige Munro (Conservative) and David Macdonald (Green).

Five New Westminster-Burnaby candidates are hoping to you’ll cast their names on the ballot during the 2021 federal election.

When voters head to the polls, they’ll find five names on the ballot in New Westminster-Burnaby: Kevin Heide (People’s Party of Canada); Rozina Jaffer of the Liberal Party of Canada; Peter Julian of the New Democratic Party; David Macdonald of the Green Party of Canada; and Paige Munro of the Conservative Party of Canada.

The Record/Burnaby NOW provided the New Westminster-Burnaby candidates with a series of questions, some aimed at getting to know them a little better and others related to policy issues. These are the questions we asked (along with specific word counts), and you can find their responses on our websites:

Tell us about yourself: (50 words)

Describe your political experience – or your life experience that you think would make you a good Member of Parliament? (100 words)

Why are you running in the 2021 federal election? What’s your Number 1 priority? (100 words)

Wild fires, heat waves and other extreme weather conditions are indicative that climate change is underway. True or false? What would your party do to slow climate change, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions? (100 words)

Has the federal government done enough to implement the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s 94 calls to action? What action would your party take to implement all of the calls to action – and when? (100 words)

What steps should be taken to ensure Canada is prepared for future pandemics? Overall, how would you rate the federal government’s response to COVID-19? (100 words)

What makes your party’s leader the right person to serve as prime minister? (50 words)

Do you have any hobbies? (50 words)

Where can voters find you? (website, social media, email, etc.)

You can find their responses on our website:

Kevin Heide – People’s Party of Canada

Rozina Jaffer – Liberal Party of Canada

Peter Julian – New Democratic Party

David Macdonald – Green Party of Canada

Paige Munro – Conservative Party of Canada

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