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Meet Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, independent

Name: Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson Email: [email protected] Instagram: lauralynntylerthompson Twitter: @LauraLynnTT Facebook:
Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson
Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson

Name: Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: lauralynntylerthompson

Twitter: @LauraLynnTT



QUESTIONS (in 50 words or less unless specified)

Tell us about yourself. (100 words)

I was born in Uganda, East Africa.  Since 1999, I have been involved in television, first to learn the ropes by volunteering for about two years and then working as talk show host in many different capacities. I still have my own show on VISION TV and JOYTV called Laura-Lynn & Friends. For many years, my husband and I looked after high risk youths, sometimes directly from the Youth Detention Centre.  I have also worked with people in recovery and raised money to build four homes in Uganda for widows and impoverished people. I was married in Hawaii.

What are the top 3 issues facing the Burnaby school board?

1. Increased need for support for children with learning disabilities.

2. A rise in drug related issues and social problems related to home and personal circumstances.

3. Not enough funding for adequate student support.

What has the current school board done right?

The Current School Board has served diligently to bring needed change where possible. They have managed a comprehensive budget and put in long hours to see success in the schools.

What have they done wrong?

However, they have allowed SOGI 123 to indoctrinate children into gender fluid ideology.  There are 14 transgender books for Kindergartners to Grade 5 classes. Not cool.  They have not spoken up or been courageous in the face of language modifications such as removing the words "mom, dad, boys and girls" ... (word count exceeded)

What is your favourite thing about Burnaby public schools:

My favourite thing about public schools are the amazing kids who are growing up fast in a turbulent time in society.

What 3 people would you invite to a dinner party?

1. Jesus

2 Martin Luther King Jr.

3. Dietrich von Bonhoeffer

Editor's note: Candidates were given specific word count guidelines and were cut off if they went over the count.