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Meet Sylvia Gung, independent mayoral candidate

Get to know your candidates by reading their answers to our questionnaire
Sylvia Gung
Sylvia Gung

The Burnaby NOW asked every candidate running for office in the Oct. 20 civic election to fill out a questionnaire. We hope this helps you make an informed decision at the ballot box. 

Candidates were given strict word limits and a deadline to submit their answers. Those who missed the deadline will not have their questionnaires posted and answers exceeding word limits will be cut off.

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Name: Sylvia Gung, Burnaby mayoral candidate

Current occupation: Newspaper Promoter

Tell us about yourself.

This is the third time running for the mayor. I also had a learning experience on provincial election last year, from which I found some problems in the election procedures. I learn as I go, and once I started, giving up is not a choice, until the problem dissolved.  I have lived in Burnaby for twelve years and have two grown up children and two cats. Currently, I am a Newspaper Promoter and have self-created volunteer jobs, digging into politics, mental health and spiritual areas through reading newspapers, writing, visiting places, as the Vancouver’s DTES neighbourhood, since July last year.  

What are the top three issues in Burnaby right now and what would you do to fix them?

Corruption: assist police and TransLink to rehabilitate themselves. Some in-depth training in law could help police, to act by more reasoning than aggression. Replacing election campaigns with the quarterly InfoBurnaby and debate sets will not just hit the hard core of the corruption but will also solve the housing woes.
Children need to be free of job training but plenty more music and exercise every day. Job training includes the essay writing training, which damages each student’s innate curiosity and creativity skills. Their teachers can promote a device to replace the job training and redirect it over to the city.
We pay too much taxes, while our life style becomes more and more careless, being used to increasing automation technology, for one. Reallocating resources, reducing spending, removing redundancies could be effective. In all, teachers, parents, unions, and city workers collaborating closely, Burnaby can create different politics, which would reduce taxes.



If you have run for office before, what have you learned? If you have not, why are you running now?

The four election experiences have greeted me with a broken election procedures that carry out the voting system awkwardly. Without fixing this electoral system and considering a different voting system feels more corruption than bringing about real democracy, which is what we really want.  The expressions used surrounding them feel no wrongness could enter, but my findings show just how deeply corrupt we are overall. This must be fixed, or never mind a healthy society.What is one achievement and one failure of Burnaby council in the last four years?

What is one achievement and one failure of Burnaby council in the last four years? 

Burnby council achieved a great deal in developing/ polishing the city, along with upgraded streets, adding transportation hubs and wealth. The council’s failure is, though, erasing much of the merits of their hard work. The ever increasing high taxes discomfort all, rich or poor. This happens because the poor was always in their last consideration, backfiring to create more of the same or worse, unconscionable problems, in housing, homeless people—especially the children in the streets. Yet, the hidden problems are even more troubling just like an iceberg story (may I add trustee problems?), the total failure is on the...[word limit exceeded]

What would make you a good councillor/mayor?

I have overcome or almost overcome sixty years of debilitating depression, and I am up for people suffering from mental issues that have been taking a toll throughout. My policy is keeping people healthy and happy regardless material wealth, which is the true function of the sustainable government.

What movie is most relevant to your life and why?

The movie resembles my life is perhaps called “tenacity to Come Back” kind of resonates the way my life has been through, surviving six decades of depression and going beyond the way of religions in human society, and then trying my best to show others as well for the possibility.  

How can voters reach you?

Phone: 778-892-0306