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Opinion: Burnaby Asian fusion restaurant has city’s biggest menu – it’s a lot of reading

Myst restaurant is all about choices...and choices...and more choices
A Myst dish.

The term “fusion” when applied to food can be controversial.

It is sometimes used as an excuse for white chefs to appropriate other cultures and steal their recipes. That’s something that frustrates me when I watched food shows. Too many times I’ve watched as white chefs have co-opted other cultures and tossed in their own ideas and called it “fusion” as opposed to just hiring more chefs who aren’t white.

But there are other times when fusion cuisine is done with heart and soul, resulting in a coming together of cultures into some really tasty dishes.

One place for this in Burnaby is at Myst restaurant on Kingsway. It’s a Taiwanese restaurant that blends together foods from Thailand, Japan, Singapore and more with loving care and attention.

Their chefs even put their own spin on Western cuisine, especially in the form of a delightful breakfast menu that includes incredible omelettes.

I’ve been dazzled by their dim sum and congee choices. There are also some new arrivals that deftly use truffle in a way that isn’t overpowering.

There’s also wild stuff, like pork blood and chitterling soup. I could go on and on but there isn’t really enough space. I simply haven’t seen a bigger menu of choices than Myst.

There’s long lists of different fried rice dishes, congees, stir fries, meat skewers, hot iron plates and more. There’s even a Taiwanese-style burger with Stew Pork Belly/Pan Fried Chicken Steak/Deep Fried Red Yeast Marinated Pork Loin/Deep Fried Pork Chop.

The first time I went there, it took me about 30 minutes just to get through the menu one time.

My partner finally had to just order for me because I couldn’t make up my mind.

And for dessert, you can even do shaved ice, but then again, you have dozens of flavour choices.


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