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Where to eat around Metrotown in Burnaby

If you need to feast on some food in the Metrotown area, here's where.
Grab a bowl of ramen at Marutama Ra-men. There's tons of places to eat around Metrotown in Burnaby.

Burnaby’s Metrotown area is always bustling — so when it’s time to grab a bite to eat, where do you go? There’s a variety of restaurants and cafes to cater to almost any cuisine you could want. 

Poke bowls at Pokey Okey on Kingsway

Build your own poke bowl or grab a vegan option at Pokey Okey at 4919 Kingsway.

The feature this summer is a chilled smoked duck soba, with Quebec smoked duck breast, chilled soba noodles, microgreens, a ramen egg, and yuzu dashi broth. The home-style ginger pork bowl has pork, bean sprouts, kimchi, a ramen egg, seaweed, mayo and sesame seeds. For dessert, it’s yuzu cheesecake ice cream and custard taiyaki (fish-shaped waffled).

Mon Paris Patisserie

For a quick treat, grab a croissant or cherry turnover from Mon Paris Patisserie at 4396 Beresford St. Delight in macarons, individual bonbon chocolates (or a box of 16), and cakes galore. For lunch, get the croissant sandwich with smoked salmon and cucumber.

Marutama Ra-men Metrotown

At 5278 Kingsway, Marutama Ra-men has some fantastic ramen for you to eat. The cha-shu tamago ramen, tan-men ramen and the grilled pork belly get rave reviews. Get the Oi Ocha unsweetened Japanese green tea for a drink.

Food Court at Crystal Mall

This is a must in Burnaby, at iconic Crystal Mall (4500 Kingsway). Shanghai Fortune Cuisine’s pan-fried pork buns are always a hit, as is Money Tea’s selection of bubble tea. Don’t forget to check out Happy Ice House and Ipoh Bean Sprout Chicken.

The One Café & Tea Restaurant

The One at 5908 Kingsway is a convivial space for families and groups to hang out, laugh and chat over amazing Taiwanese food. With a massive menu to choose from, there’s braised beef flank with noodles, sliced pork with pickled cabbage hot pot, and spicy wontons – and much, much more. Don’t forget the thick toast with butter and condensed milk.

Tenen Restaurant

At Tenen Restaurant at 7569 Royal Oak Ave., you can take a culinary trip around the Balkans with great Eastern European cuisine. Chevapi (minced meat kebabs served with fries and coleslaw), karadjordjeva schnitzel (pork loin schnitzel stuffed with kaymak cheese, breaded and fried, with hashbrowns and coleslaw) and Adriatic-style trout are all on this Balkan menu. For dessert, there’s krempita (a puff pastry with a thick layer of heavy cream) and of course, baklava.

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