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Local Business

Tastebuds drive this business

Location counts for a lot, but without really good grub, a food cart won't survive on the street

Yogurt shop offers Smurf twist

Menchie's will be no more as of July 1 - the company is temporarily changing its name to Smenchie's in celebration of the upcoming Smurf movie sequel.

Google, Nasa to work with city's D-Wave

Burnaby's quantum computing company, D-Wave Systems Inc., will help astronauts get to space.

Burnaby-based company awarded military contract

A Burnaby manufacturer has been awarded a US$5.6 million contract with Boeing to help build helicopters for military missions, including counter-terrorism efforts and medical evacuation.

Tending the garden patch at Byrne Creek Secondary

Gardening fair: From left, Byrne Creek Secondary students Maegan Poblacion, Bryan Lee and Werd Khader gardening at the school's food gardening fair on May 4.

Near-death experience inspires biz owner

Organic food company rebuilds in Burnaby after fire destroys Vancouver site
Steamworks brewery opening in Burnaby

Steamworks brewery opening in Burnaby

Vancouver-based company to launch brewery in city this summer which is designed to fill 250 bottles per minute

Burnaby-based reality show up for three Leos

The Liquidator, the Burnaby-based reality TV series starring Jeff Schwarz, is up for several Leo Awards.

Film industry pumped $408 mil into Burnaby

The television and film industry pumped $408 million into Burnaby's economy last year, according to a new report from the city.

Love of arcade games sparks venture

biz leader profile: burnaby's very own multi-platform video game developer