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Burnaby door-to-door sales called ‘boneheaded’ amid COVID-19

Not all of the visitors were wearing their masks properly
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In summer 2020, several Burnaby residents were upset about people coming up to their doors to hand out flyers during the pandemic.

A Burnaby senior citizen is speaking out after being visited by several door-to-door sales people recently who she says should know better due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mary (who didn’t want her last name used) is a North Burnaby homeowner in the Heights area who told the NOW she’s had three people knock on her door since the start of January trying to sell her products and services.

She didn’t get the names of the companies the sales people claim they represent because she closed the door immediately each time.

“They were right up close,” said Mary. “I think this is really boneheaded during COVID-19. I’m a senior who has been staying home for month after month trying to be safe and then someone does this? I just want people to know this is happening.”

She added that only one out of the three was wearing their mask over their nose - the other two had it hanging around their chin.

Mary said it’s possible these folks are part of a scam that preys on seniors.

“This is private property,” she said. “Maybe I need to call the police.”

In summer 2020, several residents contacted the NOW to complain about people coming to their door during the pandemic to hand out anti-abortion flyers.