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A library in Lougheed mall? That's Burnaby's plan

Cameron Recreation Centre and Library could temporarily open in Lougheed Town Centre as early as summer 2023.

As Cameron Recreation Centre and Library is set for demolition and redevelopment, the City of Burnaby is considering temporarily housing the facility’s programs in the former H&M space at Lougheed Town Centre.

The city has proposed to lease and remodel almost 17,000 square feet of existing commercial space at Lougheed mall at 9855 Austin Ave., according to the city’s requests for proposals for architectural consulting and construction services.

The library, currently located at 9523 Cameron St., would be temporarily located at the former H&M retail space on the lower floor of the mall and expand into the former dollar store space next door.

The lease would be for an anticipated three years “and may be extended for an additional two years,” according to the bid report.

The total target space for the library and its collections is an estimated 7,000 sq. ft., while the required recreation space, including a reception area, seniors’ lounge, three activity rooms, a preschool room and staff space, is estimated at 11,300 sq.ft.

Space availability will be reviewed as part of the project’s development.

The total project budget, according to a bid addendum, is $2.7 million including design, construction, furniture and fixtures, moving costs, setup costs and others.

A proposed timeline would see the opening of the temporary facility by the end of July 2023.

The city is replacing the Cameron community centre with a $252-million facility, including an aquatic centre, to “better meet the needs of northeast Burnaby’s growing and changing population,” according to the project’s webpage.

Construction on the new community centre is expected to last three years and begin early next year.

The temporary library-in-Lougheed project has not yet been officially announced.