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Burnaby looks for its "outstanding citizen of the year"

Do you know a Burnaby local who has volunteered in the community with a positive impact? Nominate them for a civic award.
The City of Burnaby is seeking outstanding volunteers who live in the city for community hero awards, including the Kushiro Cup.

The City of Burnaby is seeking outstanding citizens to win the Kushiro Cup, Burnaby's award for residents who have "positively influenced the community and the lives of its citizens."

While just one community hero will win the annual Kushiro Cup, the city also presents awards to "local heroes" to those who have made long-term contributions to the city through volunteerism.

Mary Gates won the cup for 2021, with council lauding her years of service as the chair of District 4 (Southwest) community policing advisory committee, as well as her work on the Burnaby Citizens Crime Watch and three decades of volunteerism with Girl Guides of Canada.

The Kushiro Cup tradition began in 1982, when a delegation from Burnaby's sister city Kushiro, Japan, gave the cup to Burnaby, according to the city's website. Kushiro awards a similar cup to its citizens, named the Burnaby Cup.

Nominations for the 2022 awards will close on Feb. 17 and can be submitted online through the city's website.

Criteria for Kushiro Cup nominations:

Candidates must:

  • be a Burnaby resident
  • have volunteered in several Burnaby community programs for at least 10 years
  • have positively influenced the community and the lives of its citizens
  • not be an elected official holding office
  • have the support of at least two nominators
  • have a resume submitted by nominators

Criteria for Local Heroes:

Candidates must:

  • live, work or participate as a volunteer in Burnaby
  • have volunteered in their community for a combined minimum of five years through at least two volunteer activities
  • have the support of at least two nominators