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Burnaby summer school numbers bounce back after COVID slump

Health and safety protocols to stay in place for summer session, say school officials
summer school03
Teacher Karine Dubois helps a student in her summer school sewing class at Sperling Elementary School in 2019.

The Burnaby school district’s summer school enrolment has bounced back after a big dip during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2019, the district registered a record 8,082 students – 5,004 for elementary classes and 3,078 for high school, according to a report presented at a school board meeting Tuesday.

After the pandemic hit, that number dropped by about half last summer to just 4,049 students – 2,298 in elementary and 1,751 in high school. 

“This was due to the impact of COVID-19,” states the report.  

As of June 16, however, the district has already signed up 8,046 students – 5,725 elementary and 2,321 high school – for this year’s summer program.

And registrations remain ongoing.

The district is offering a total of 176 courses, 119 for high school students and 57 for elementary.

Starting on July 5 for high school and July 6 for elementary, a total of 422 classes will be running at five local high schools and 14 elementary schools.

The same cleaning protocols will be in place during the summer session as were used during the school year just wrapping up.

High-touch surfaces and washrooms will continue to get extra attention, and all classrooms will be cleaned after each class, according to the report.

Most classrooms will only be used in the morning, but classrooms used all day will be cleaned during the lunch break.

Morning classes will be at full capacity and students in them will be considered cohorts. 

Afternoon classes will run at half capacity to ensure physical distancing.

For more information, visit the Burnaby school district’s summer session webpage.