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Feds say Trans Mountain must halt Burnaby tree cutting until August

New details emailed to the NOW

Environment Canada has provided more information into its order that Trans Mountain stop cutting down trees in Burnaby due to the presence of bird nests.

According an email to the NOW on Thursday from Environment Canada, the tree cutting must be halted until well into the summer in the area along the Brunette River. Trans Mountain was in the process of cutting down more than 1,300 trees as it clears a path for the pipeline, against the wishes of the City of Burnaby.

“On April 16, (Environment Canada) issued a written compliance order to Trans Mountain Pipeline ULC,” reads the email. “The written order describes the measures to be taken as: As of April 12, 2021, immediately refrain from disturbing, destroying or taking a nest or an egg of a migratory bird in contravention of paragraph 6(a) of the Migratory Birds Regulations at the Trans Mountain Pipeline ULC’s site known as Construction Work Package 98 or CWP-98 which stretches 1,000 meters within the area bounded by the Highway 1 overpass on the west, Highway 1 on the north, the North Road overpass on the east, and the CN rail line on the south (approximate GPS Coordinate 49.244471, -122.900165) in the city of Burnaby, British Columbia.

“As of April 12, 2021, immediately  stop or shut down any activity, including tree trimming and tree felling that may require the use of heavy machinery, bulldozers, chainsaws, machetes, etc that are likely to result in nest disturbance and destruction of a Migratory Bird during nesting window described by the Canadian Wildlife Service Biologist as Mid March to Mid August.

“As of April 23, 2021, erect and maintain clearly visible signage demonstrating to the public, employees or contractors accessing the Construction Work Package 98 or CWP-98 site that there is no activity permitted on this site during the nesting window that would disturb or destroy a nest of a Migratory Bird. Duration of Order: This order is in full force and effect until August 20, 2021.”

  • With reporting by Cameron Thomson